The Binding of Sir Bulvar

A Lords of Gossamer and Shadow fiction

Sir Bulvar stared into the eyes of the creature.  Metaphorically at least for its presence was now inside his own mind.  It took every ounce of his will to hold out the pain and pressure from the hundreds of magicians tasked to hold him here bound.  The heart of the Lyceum de Trepsyche where he once learnt his mastery of mystical energy was now his prison.

The Path to Prison

Since Bulvar had taken to the Grand Stair he was unaware of the time dilation that occurred. When he returned much had changed.  A Pale Rider now roamed the land looking for him, slaughtering the locals, who were all now so unfamiliar.  His companions from the stair, escaped from the depths of Underth had come to recuperate in his alpine retreat.  Trouble finds those that travel the Stair, and apparently his world of gossamer had hidden a great weapon, of which he was the key to discovery.

He headed to the Dwarves to learn of the weapon.  They welcomed their old friend into their halls and allowed him access to the greatest knowledge they had.  The oldest dragon who owns two names guarded the weapon inside a vault at the heart of the worlds core.  To fight this dragon Bulvar would enlist the resources of the Lyceum, where he was once well respected.

Gossamer Assistance

Arriving at the Lyceum he found that old flames and troubled mages now ran the Lyceum.  This should have triggered something in his memory, some warning, but for now his mind was calm and he was too concerned to obtain the help that he needed, that the Lyceum was built to provide.

His old flame, Beatrice, held counsel with her contemporaries and informed Bulvar that they would help. They would create an enchantment allowing his body to resist the pressures and fires of the core as he located the vault.  They led him to this deep chamber, centre to each of the three towers.  It was only at the last moment as Bulvar looked down at the magical glyph that he knew he had been a fool.  The symbols were of binding and pain.  In an instant the students of the Lyceum stepped forward and began the chant.


Here he was.



The Pale Rider now now one with his own mind and his secrets are all naked before him.

Would he ever be free of this prison?

This has been a bit of fiction based on the game of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow that I have been running in store – hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy running this game 🙂

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