Bit of a Wasteland!

Wow, things have been slow on site this week.  A bit of a wasteland though my life is completely the opposite.  I have to apologise that I have not done any posts this week but this week has been insanely busy with setting up the Games On Board bricks and mortar store.  So because I have had so little gaming this week I thought I would put you all in the picture with that!

We have had a lease for a couple of weeks and the business is going in at 1/15 Wilmot Street, Burnie Tasmania 7320.  We searched high and low to get a joiner but it is a really bad time of year to get one.  In the end I lucked out by putting up an ad on an online site and a young Irish guy called Conor answered.  He runs a business called Crimson Joinery and liked the ideas we had for him.  We want it to become a little steam punk so I offered up some pictures from my Shop Ideas Pinterest board and he came up with a couple of ideas that will be based around this image:

Pinterest picture of shelves
Shelves for games

And a bookshelf that will be similar to this image:

Image of bookshelf

He is also doing us some mobile A frames that we can put anywhere in store we want with stock on them and a bit of a counter, though most of the counter is a glass cabinet for the card games to be displayed in.

I have also started building some wrought iron tables and desks for the gaming area though at the moment in reality the store is empty!  The other stuff we have been doing is ordering the stock!  Man that was fun and scary all in the same breath.  I thought I had a good handle on so much but there are games I have never heard of out and about and so I had to order a smattering of stock and learn what sells as I go.  So far stock is around $25,000 investment and I got to that figure scarily quick!

My store will also have 6 LAN computers for gaming set up and I made big savings on these.  The school I am working at is getting rid of some quad core i7 computers that are good solid performers.  All I have had to do is buy graphics cards, monitors, keyboard, mouse and SSD for them to transform into gaming machines.  The computer budget is now $7000 ahead of forecast which will transform into more stock and better decoration in the longer run!

On top of stock I have spent over a thousand dollars on chairs and my wife and I have been shopping for cool decorating pieces.  Tomorrow I get to begin to put the tops onto my tables and start working on the storeroom to ensure that I have some decent shelves for backstock!

It is all very exciting!

Until next time, keep rolling!


  1. It is great to see someone turning their passion into a livelihood. I would say that I am envious, but I am also rather self-aware. I know that I don’t have that level of motivation when it came to gaming. I guess I came close to starting a gaming store one time with friends, but I was definitely not the leading force. All I can say is kudos to you and yours for making a dream reality.


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