Break Night

Mage Knight!

As we finished up the destruction of Ydersius’ skull last week in Pathfinder we are swinging back toward the Skull and Shackles campaign again.  To have a bit of a breather, refresh ourselves and enable the players to start thinking on their skull and shackles characters I called tonight’s game night as a board game night.

It is good to have a bit of a break from the campaigns for some random fun.  We will be playing Dungeon! and Mage Knight. We might possibly have a go of Scotland Yard also as I broke that out a little over a year ago and the players loved it.

Bit of a change of pace but it should be a good deal of fun.  I am looking forward to Mage Knight the most as I love that game, but I have not played Dungeon! yet so that could be the game of the night too.  I have promised a reader of the blog a step by step guide of playing Mage Knight as they own the game but their friends think it is too complicated so that blog is likely to show up sometime this week too!

Have a great night and make sure you also mix things up a little from time to time.  Above all, keep rolling!

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