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All of the people I used to game with know how serious I take my gaming and occasionally that pays off for me when I get random texts from old friends asking me if I want to buy goods from them.  Each of my old gaming buddies (many who do not game now) have hidden treasures that I would love to get my hands on and yesterday I got a text from my old MegaTraveller GM who had a pile of gems to share.

buying rpg
The pile once I got it home

I was out with my wife doing some grocery shopping and preparing for an evening with some of the people from the College I work at and I got a text with one word.


It was from my old MegaTraveller GM and he had sold me some stuff the year before in January and I thought that it may be similar so I gave it 5 minutes for a picture to come through but nothing did so I messaged back “In what?”  As soon as the text left my phone the picture came through and we worked out a price and I swung past his place and picked it all up.

I love going through all this old gaming stuff.  It is nostalgia for me but there are other things – like the set of Ringworld in this package that gets me excited.  I made a character for this game but we never played it and so I am really glad to get my hands on this system to take a look at it.  It seems to be a pre-cursor system to Chaosium’s Basic Role Playing system so the system specific stuff will be easy to pick up but it is yet another sci-fi system that I love to read.

detailed rpg products
The image I got via text from my old GM

If you follow me (Mark Knights) on Google+ you would realise that my birthday is up soon and I have been struggling to come up with ideas.  I wish I had have known that this was coming and just gotten him to text my wife.  This is the stuff I love to get.  Old, musky books, full of RPG goodness or even stuff like the Judge Dredd art book, or the Star Wars book about space – it is just so cool and it is the kind of stuff you do not come by on a daily basis.

So, it looks as though I will be sitting down at work (at the servo) today and be flipping through these books.  Pondering if I will run a MegaTraveller or even a Ringworld game.  Maybe I will find the Mechwarrior RPG at home and dust off its covers…  So much gaming, so little time 🙂  Keep rolling.

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