Calamity : RPG a Day 2019

Calamity?  Such an American word to me.  Calamity Jane starring Doris Day is probably the reason that I think this way!  I realize that it is not particularly an American word and what it means otherwise but I can’t shake the stigma.  So I am going to relate calamity to the genre of game I would least like to play or run.


Westerns.  I just can not bring myself to look at running a game in this style.  Do not get me wrong though.  I used to love my western movies and as a child, I used to devour western comic books.  I just can’t think of playing a game in this style.  I once bought the Deadlands RPG because I thought it would be so cool to run.  Problem is, once I got it, I just could not picture anything to run it with.  Even in one of my favourite games, Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, a player created a character that ran a western-themed town in his world.  I just could not get enthused with the setting.  I tried though.

I think it may be that when I got older I realised that this period represented such a small part of the past.  That was also hindered by the fact that I identified with the Native American world view than that of the cowboy.  Outside of America, this period is highlighted in a Cowboys and Indians style conflict and I think I just lost my love for it with that focus.  It was a calamity that I just could not identify with!  Anyhow, that is just me – keep rolling.


  1. I’m with you! I always had more time for the Native Americans than the cowboys in the films but I don’t know enough to feel comfortable playing a Native American in such a game – I think I’d fall into stereotypes and, given the way the cultures have been treated over the years, that makes me very uncomfortable to do.

    That said, I do kinda like Deadlands. I like a bit of the Weird in settings. I’m not completely sold on Savage Worlds, though, as the system feels lacking in something I can’t put my finger on.


    1. There is a game that focuses on American Indian folklore called Edrigohr. I own a copy but not got it to the table yet.


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