Why Dungeon Crawl Classics?

I am currently invested in Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC).  It is not a new system to me and it is one I return to frequently.  Today’s post is […]

Pathfinder Core rulebook image

So, I am a little scattered at the moment.  I had a change of work, now employing myself and have had to adult a lot recently.  So, not had much […]

One to one

What happened to one on one games?  Every Role Playing Game (RPG) that I get my hands on advise that at a minimum you should have three players.  One games […]

A New Star Sector

With our new venture into Stars Without Number I have created a new star system for the players.  I present that system here for players and interested parties alike.  The […]


I had a really nice comment on one of my old posts from 2015.  It was a free adventure I put up aimed at starting characters in fifth edition Dungeons […]