gm sections

I love a good Games Master (GM) section.  I love reading them.  Love the advice and seeing how others perceive the role.  But are they really needed?  I have one […]

How RG's Helped me

Most adventures that I read these days are wilderness adventures or caverns and the like.  On the opposite side of things when I first started playing AD&D (2nd Edition) it […]

better gm brain storm

I was sitting in a room full of teachers yesterday considering the possibilities of a new model designed to help engagement with students that made me think about this topic. […]

pedagogy and RPGs

I normally take December and January off from my regular role playing sessions for a break and to spend a bit more time with family.  It is that kind of […]

Modules were a new media to me

The internet is a wondrous place full of stories of unicorns, fantasy surrealism and loads of applications that can make my games a better experience for my players and I. […]

NPC matter

Yesterday’s post took a look at the reasons that I attribute to the degradation of NPC’s in the tabletop RPG industry.  It is crucial to note that this does not […]

scaled image

I have been spending a little bit of time recently becoming familiar with Reddit and a question came up about Pathfinder and how to scale games.  I thought about this […]

Diagram of adventure writing

Jason Paul McCartan at OSR Today wrote a short link to an article from a site called RPG Knights that alleges to give advice for how to design adventures. Unfortunately, it’s really […]