How RG's Helped me

Most adventures that I read these days are wilderness adventures or caverns and the like.  On the opposite side of things when I first started playing AD&D (2nd Edition) it […]

better gm brain storm

I was sitting in a room full of teachers yesterday considering the possibilities of a new model designed to help engagement with students that made me think about this topic. […]

pedagogy and RPGs

I normally take December and January off from my regular role playing sessions for a break and to spend a bit more time with family.  It is that kind of […]

Modules were a new media to me

The internet is a wondrous place full of stories of unicorns, fantasy surrealism and loads of applications that can make my games a better experience for my players and I. […]

NPC matter

Yesterday’s post took a look at the reasons that I attribute to the degradation of NPC’s in the tabletop RPG industry.  It is crucial to note that this does not […]

scaled image

I have been spending a little bit of time recently becoming familiar with Reddit and a question came up about Pathfinder and how to scale games.  I thought about this […]

Diagram of adventure writing

Jason Paul McCartan at OSR Today wrote a short link to an article from a site called RPG Knights that alleges to give advice for how to design adventures. Unfortunately, it’s really […]

Child sitting in their own imagination

Tabletop Role Playing Games (RPG) occur in the mind.  Sure, there are dice and pencils, character sheets and players but the action that is described is meant to ignite our […]