Tweets about kids games

I was thinking about supers games and some of the requests I have had for characters over time.  “I want to be the strongest person EVER”; “I want to be […]

Recursion adventure structure

I want to get one thing clear here – this is not a post about The Strange RPG.  I have read enough to know that that game uses a thing called […]

weird animal

I have of late been reading a lot of RPG’s and RPG supplements that suggest that making things weird is the way to go.  I realise that most of the […]

gm sections

I love a good Games Master (GM) section.  I love reading them.  Love the advice and seeing how others perceive the role.  But are they really needed?  I have one […]

Modules were a new media to me

The internet is a wondrous place full of stories of unicorns, fantasy surrealism and loads of applications that can make my games a better experience for my players and I. […]

scaled image

I have been spending a little bit of time recently becoming familiar with Reddit and a question came up about Pathfinder and how to scale games.  I thought about this […]

Child sitting in their own imagination

Tabletop Role Playing Games (RPG) occur in the mind.  Sure, there are dice and pencils, character sheets and players but the action that is described is meant to ignite our […]