Combat vs. Roleplaying

I have been asked to provide my view on where I fall in the Combat vs. Role Playing argument. What specifically do I prefer in a game that I create […]

Out of Print Role Playing Games

How many of you play out of print games?  I once considered myself a collector of games but that is not really the truth.  After coming across +Moe Tousignant on G+ I […]

Welcome to the Sandbox

This will be the last of my how to build a campaign world posts on my own site for a little while and in a funny way this one does […]

Top Down Design

Most of the experienced GM’s that I spoke to after my first blog post on Iron Tavern about campaign building tended to be more top down designers for their worlds […]

Building the History of Detritus

Many of you will recognise the fact that I am creating my own game called Detritus from previous posts.  Well, last night saw an awesome step forward in that it […]