Painting of city split by canyon

A quick charge on a group of unknowns leads to an interesting dialogue which then sees the group in a deathly struggle against Dark Elves.  They win, but at what […]

Custom background running in Fantasy Grounds

Had some serious issues with the IT last night.  One player could not access my server, another had intermittent connection issues all night and another player also had minor connection […]

Surviving cast members images

I really felt that I got into the spirit of the game last night.  I did quite a bit of preparation for the game moving a lot of the critical […]

Painting of city split by canyon

Game last night went relatively well considering I only really had around half an hour to plan it.  We spent a bit of time catching people up who had not […]

RPG Gamer Dad Podcast web banner

Oooh – Day 13 is a doozy.  I do not really have time for podcasts so I very rarely, if ever listen to them.  This is likely to be a […]

games I love - DCC

I am soooo disappointed that I forgot to record the first episode of this.  However, we pick up the 0 level funnel at a Cave Octopus lair where the PC’s […]