Cover of Ehdrigohr

Day 5 asks the questions about my recent purchase history.  I do a lot of gaming purchases and sometimes even I have trouble remembering what is coming through the mail. […]

RPG A Day 2015 list

Day 4 is a tricky thing to do because it is so wide open. Most Surprising Game Mark Surprise!  What is a surprising game?  How is it surprising?  Oh, the humanity […]

new player

Day 3 allows me to give a bit of love to one of the contenders that I spurned in a previous post… Day 3: Favorite New Game of the Past […]

Picture of me with the LoGaS rule book

OK, one down, lots to go 🙂  I had hoped the next one would be a little bit simpler to answer but of course it is not. Day 2: Kickstartered game […]