The final race of the Detritus game is highlighted today.  The largest threat of the game come from the Consumers. Consumers The last of the races to arrive in Detritus […]


Another of the races for the Detritus game.  I have been quite pleased at the response to these so I have decided to show all the races here.  Tomorrow will […]


Another of the races that make up the game of Detritus.  It is written from the perspective of a Forgotten, which to us is another human, known as the King […]

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Here is the write-up for one of the races of the Detritus game that I am finishing off.  If you are interested in other posts on the subject, have a […]

About three months ago I was talking to someone about the game I am making and how I want the players to feel when they were playing it.  What experience […]

Pushing Forward With Detritus

As a teacher I have the added bonus of having school holidays free.  But free does not mean that I have had a quiet time as I have been working […]

What Makes A Good Game?

I have been asked another large and tricky question to answer.  What makes a good game?  I could answer this on a number of different layers, theoretical, practical, in relation […]