Dungeon Crawl Classics

Surviving cast members images

I really felt that I got into the spirit of the game last night.  I did quite a bit of preparation for the game moving a lot of the critical […]

Pick me up post about my new supplement

Hi everyone, sorry that the site has been a bit quiet this week but I had to take a break after the August RPG A Day posts.  One a day […]

Painting of city split by canyon

Game last night went relatively well considering I only really had around half an hour to plan it.  We spent a bit of time catching people up who had not […]

cover of the hardback first edition earthdawn book

Fantasy RPG’s outnumber most other RPG’s by an absolute cargo ship load.  Today asks me what my favourite flavour of these choices are. Day 17: Favourite Fantasy RPG Mark: I […]

games I love - DCC

The funnel finally ends!  I did not think it would take this long but it did!  The players make their way out of the bluff beneath the Golden Tyrant King’s […]

games I love - DCC

I am soooo disappointed that I forgot to record the first episode of this.  However, we pick up the 0 level funnel at a Cave Octopus lair where the PC’s […]

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I will say up front that I am not exactly sure where this post will lead me but I need to write it anyway!  The Evan Jeshka posts have been […]

Games I love

I have told you about my favourite Blogs and so now I thought I would discuss my favourite games with you all.  I have been known by some of the […]