Dungeon World

Surprise : RPG a Day 2019

To be honest, I thought I had talked about surprise extensively on the blog.  It appears though that I have never actually dedicated a post specifically to it.  I was […]


You will hear and read all the time about getting your game to live and breathe.  This is obviously a metaphor, but what for?  If you are new to role-playing and […]

cover of the hardback first edition earthdawn book

Fantasy RPG’s outnumber most other RPG’s by an absolute cargo ship load.  Today asks me what my favourite flavour of these choices are. Day 17: Favourite Fantasy RPG Mark: I […]

Dungeon World Cover Stereotype

My student game has now finished as the students are now away from the school and doing their final exams.  They almost got through The Lost Mines of Phandelver and […]

Dungeon World: My first game

I have been aware of Dungeon World (DW) for around a year now.  I first found out about it through my discussions with +Desiree Kaleopaa as it was the game that she […]

A Day Full of Gaming

Up early and eager to game! Wow!I am sitting here exhausted after a long day of gaming goodness!  This morning I woke up at seven so I could attend the […]