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Gaming in the store on Friday nights is hit and miss.  I do not run Friday Night Magic as I have a fundamental problem with the way Wizards of the Coast […]


So, I am in a quandry.  I am now getting more gaming than you could possibly poke a stick at but I need to play to the markets whims.  That […]

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I have had a lot of discussions with a lot of people over my time about FATE Core.  What it does well and what it does poorly.  One, almost unanimous, […]


Hi all.  Now that the site is back up and running I can report a little on what I was doing to manage my stress levels during that period of […]

Games I love

I have told you about my favourite Blogs and so now I thought I would discuss my favourite games with you all.  I have been known by some of the […]


Very few games that I have come across want to handle the effects of ego in a game.  When I say ego I am talking about the idea of how […]

hosted murder

Well, my weekend is over and I am dead tired on a Monday morning.  However, what a good weekend it was.  The house that we stayed at was fantastic and […]