Fate Core

My First Game of Fate Accelerated Edition

I have pretty well publicly admitted my love affair with the FATE Core system here on the blog several times after accidentally falling into a “pre-release” game earlier this year. […]

Plays as Good as it Reads

I ran my first game of FATE tonight!  It was Rite Publishing’s The Demolished Ones by +Brian Engard  which I reviewed a few days ago and gave a five out of five […]

What Makes A Good Game?

I have been asked another large and tricky question to answer.  What makes a good game?  I could answer this on a number of different layers, theoretical, practical, in relation […]

I Read Fate Core Again...

I finished reading the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow rules early last week and I have a bunch of reading to do.  Physical game books I am deep into my […]

Combat vs. Roleplaying

I have been asked to provide my view on where I fall in the Combat vs. Role Playing argument. What specifically do I prefer in a game that I create […]