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motivate civil war

I went and saw Captain America: Civil War last night and it was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.  The movie really spoke to […]

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Thank goodness today’s post is much easier than yesterdays.  I sort of got caught up in the problems I have been having with my sci-fi and went a little over […]

Underwater combat image showing woman underwater

I will say up front that I am not exactly sure where this post will lead me but I need to write it anyway!  The Evan Jeshka posts have been […]

The supers go into recovery mode and start some basic patrolling to enforce they are in Titan City to stay… Legalese:  Image used to advertise this blog post is used under […]


Very few games that I have come across want to handle the effects of ego in a game.  When I say ego I am talking about the idea of how […]