Cover of Little Black Book 1 from Classic Traveller

The fourth instalment in this years 6 part game that I am running.  Having liberated two rather unusual aliens the players seek to get off the asteroid and get them […]

Planets on Fire!

I am just under a week away from running my next instalment of Classic Traveller on-line.  I have restricted the sessions this year to 6 only and this episode will […]

Wealth of Ideas in Space

Last week I asked the question about how other people ran their sci-fi games and I got a great response from the community.  I have had a good think about […]

Alien Races and Sci-Fi Adventures

So, how many sci-fi GM’s are guilty of using non-alien aliens?  What do I mean?  Well, I mean an alien race that is essentially a humanoid with a different shade […]

Classic Traveller: The Nuances

I have spent over a year playing Classic Traveller now and yesterday I started going back through the rules as I was creating a possible player character for the game […]