Fantasy Grounds

GM Tools

I read a blog on the Contessa website about the GM tools that the writers and GM’s of Contessa use to make their games.  It is a really interesting read […]

Modules were a new media to me

The internet is a wondrous place full of stories of unicorns, fantasy surrealism and loads of applications that can make my games a better experience for my players and I. […]


I have had a funny couple of days surrounding the Fantasy Grounds appearance of the module I have been working on.  I attended the Fantasy Grounds Convention online to run […]

Fantasy Grounds Convention 5

Earlier this year I reviewed Fantasy Grounds and liked it.  The review is replicated below just in case you haven’t read it.  Well, I was talking to a couple of […]

Game live tonight after 8 P.M. Australian Eastern Standard Time.  Episode two in my six part game (I forgot to record the first one!).  Come watch us.