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I was pleasantly surprised this week when Google Plus decided to start suggesting to me that I join some community groups.  Initially it was the G+ Tabletop Roleplaying Games community page which is full of likeminded souls and also a lot of gaming that happens in hangouts which is exciting.  At the same time I signed up for the Map-Making in Games community which is a wonderful resource full of brilliant maps and map makers.  At this time I introduced myself and I got a reply that there was a Pathfinder specific community which I quickly signed up for (the community page is called Pathfinder RPG).  I immediately started browsing the pages and I have to say if you have not yet signed on to Google+ for social reasons you absolutely HAVE to for these resources.  They are among the best community support pages for RPG’s I have ever seen.

But I digress.  When I hit the Pathfinder page one of the links was an Adventure Paths navigation bar which I immediately went to.  On the day that I went, there was a post at the top full of photos that just took my breath away!  It was a group playing the Serpent Skull Racing to Ruin module.  But that is not all, the GM (who goes by the name of +Rafael Pardo Macías ) had built the end game ziggurat for the players to explore!  I was blown away!  I shared the post immediately and got a thank you for sharing it from +Juan García and I realised at that point that I absolutely had to post about this.  It is by far and above greater than anything I have done in my games as a GM.

I have actually been working on a pirate ship for our next adventure path, Skull and Shackles, and seriously I hope it gets as good a response as it did from these guys with the ziggurat. I have got the permission to show these images on this page and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  Sign up to Google Plus and come and join us at the community pages.  Add me to your circles and let me know you read the blog and I will add you back! Now sit back and enjoy the scenery from the final section of the Racing to Ruin module!

I realise this was probably a posed picture but I so want this to be the reaction of my players when the boat is unfurled
The plants are evil.  Just saying 🙂
The main entry point for most groups into the ziggurat would likely have been here, but NO not for my players 🙂

See all my players, stairs to an opening.  Use them!  Although I think I may have described it as a bit harder to get to than this and there were giant wasps attacking them at the time too!

Ahhh, what a tranquil garden.  Did I mention plants were evil?

The creator and the created!  Well done +Rafael Pardo Macías 

My players never came in here.  Great textures on the floors and wall!

Takes them a while to get up the stairs 🙂

I love the attention to detail here and the overgrown look of the grass is very well placed.

Phew!  They made it to the top, must have missed the escalator!

This picture really sucks me into it.  It is one of those pictures that you know you are looking at a model but your mind wants to think it is real!

Dragon?  I don’t remember a dragon!  Must be an illusion, I poke it and make a disbelief roll.

Even the tight little gloomy corridors look, well, tight and gloomy 🙂

Again, I just have to give a massive well done acknowledgement to +Rafael Pardo Macías and to +Juan García for sharing these photos as well as allowing me to post them.  If I ever find myself in your neck of the woods, or you in mine, I hope we can meet across the table and roll some dice!


  1. You’re too kind, sir! Thanks for taking the time to develop this wonderful post.


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