Controversially, I Turn To A Video Game To Make Me A Better GM

Around a week after I put out my post that got a lot of people talking about how tabletop games are better than video games, I have turned to a MMO to give me some better insight into my Traveller game.

Flying a little close!

The conversation around that post was quite amusing.  I got told flat by a lot of people that I could not compare the two.  Well, I beg to differ, because I did.  They are both games and the style of games I was reviewing had grown from games that sought to model D&D in the video game industry from the mid eighties onward.  It is like comparing an apple and an orange I will admit, but you can compare them because they are both fruit.  So to all of you that said I can’t compare the two, I actually did!

Now, as I am still a little bit sick of the typing thing at the moment I am going to make this short and sweet.  I used to play a video game called Elite in the 80’s that they are remaking at the moment (can’t wait) and about six or seven years ago I played a game called X2 The Threat which I also loved.  These were both pretty much open ended space faring games that I just loved for the aura and the feel of it all. I got sucked into clicking an add link to Eve Online a week ago in the hope that it was that good.  I thought if I could get into a good game like that I would be able to really improve my Traveller descriptions and see what is “current” sci-fi in the video game industry also.

Cool looking space station

Heading out black!

Well I had trouble getting it to work on my Mac and thanks to +Juan GarcĂ­a and +Jerry Ozbun largely and a load of wonderful people who helped me I got it on my machine AND I found out that the X3 game ran on Mac also so downloaded and installed it too.  Net result, some sweet sci-fi video gaming loot and a reality check on how useless I truly am at video games (I died doing the tutorial mission in Eve Online).  Still, neither of these games have failed me at what I had hoped for, beautiful fun open ended games with as much complexity as I want to explore.  I present here some of the screen shots I have been collecting.

Until tonights game of The Demolished Ones keep rolling!  I will be out in the black somewhere!

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