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Ok, I still have not finished the Gamemastery Guide but I have made some good progress.  You can make a note on your calendar or in your journals that the review for Pathfinder 2E Gamemastery Guide will be coming down next week.  Part of the reason that I have not gotten to the end of the book is that I am in the process of building two campaigns from scratch.  I love making campaigns and these past couple of weeks have been good.  If only work would ease up and I could get some more time at it.

Titan City

The first campaign is for the online group.  We are moving into a system we played briefly before, Super Squadron.  A 1983 supers game out of Australia.  We played it briefly before and we are going back to it with different characters.  I am reviving the old setting though (as a lot of it was built in Realm Works) .  I am taking the players old characters and having them gone rogue!  Their old heroes have brought the old city to its knees.  Crime is rampant and it is all because their old characters turned and chased their own interests.  True, one of the players is running his old character but I have left it up to him to account for the past 6 years of his character and why they disappeared.

The New Fantasy Campaign

My campaign map to date

Likely to give the Pathfinder 2E rules a run for this one.  I have discussed with the players that if the rules do not run to our satisfaction that we will be switching to Dungeon Crawl Classics.  I have found a tutorial on how to create a fantasy map digitally and have been working on that.  The map to date is shown above.  I have also been working on the material for the land.  But most of that is top secret.  I will say the following details about the gods, as I have shared this with players as a teaser:

[The] Gods in the setting are Aspects. That is think of them as manifestations of desire or worship. They exist because people believe in them and in turn they power that belief. They actually walk in this world where there is great need or passion. So if thousands of homes were threatened the god/goddess of home and hearth would likely be fou d assisting at the location. The regular Gods do not have home planes – they are native to the material plane.

I am looking forward to getting the material for both of these campaigns in a workable space and getting some gaming done!  Until then, keep rolling.

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