I love my cyberpunk.  But I really do not think that games have done it brilliantly.  Lots of people love Cyberpunk 2020 but not I.  The system just did not translate it to me.  Shadowrun had a nice Matrix system BUT it is fantasy cyberpunk and the system does not blend well with team runs in most editions with the pace of the Matrix being so much different to the pace of a normal run.

The art in Android Netrunner is phenomenal

I have found a game that gives good grounding to the whole genre – though it is a card game and not a role playing game.  So I have challenged myself to identify those experiences that I find so satisfying in the card game and attempt to bring them into an RPG setting.  I am not sure if I build a game from the ground up or if I apply it as just a setting over the Cypher System or the FATE Core system.

The game, by the way, is Android Netrunner.  Ever since seeing this game on a shelf at another game store I have always been fascinated and I was not disappointed when a regular customer showed me the ropes of the game.  Corporations chasing their own agendas and the hackers that spend their time at a deck trying to find out about them.  Of course this is not the entirety of the setting but it is the setting boiled down to the core and I think that I am going to use the Android Netrunner verse to base this all on.

I will probably run a one off at one stage to test these things so keep an eye on this space.

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  1. Talking of net runner and the setting have you seen the new book from fantasy flight “The Worlds of Android” it seems to be an art / setting book for the netrunner would


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