Cypher System Corporation Game

I have been very quiet for a little while and that is all to do with life in general.  I have moved to a new city in the past four or five weeks.  In that time I am coming to terms with a new job and getting my son set into a new school.  Life has been busy.  But amongst it all, we had our first game of Cypher system set in the Android Universe.  I have to say that I loved it too!

Start with the Corporation

I decided to start with a game that involved the corporation.  In my mind, this is the weakest of the two sides and I wanted to make sure that I was doing the right thing splitting the games to both sides.  I have already had one player drop out of the game completely because they do not want to run two characters.  Even after explaining that we would never do the same characters on the one night they decided to opt out.  I have another player who is having troubles making any of the games and another that has expressed doubt due to the times we play.  That leaves us with two dedicated players to try out the corporation!

Time to hit the streets

Because of my moving, I had struggled to get a lot of preparation done.  But I spent a bit of time the day before thinking up a decent premise and put together some of the key players.  Victoria Jenkins – the CEO of NBN needed an anomaly investigated.  A large withdrawal made from an NBN account in Breaker Bay, and none too subtly either.  I flicked through my cards and the World of Android book and put together a few ideas.

We started up the game.  A bioroid detective and a fixer of sorts working hand in hand.  The night took us from the new foundations of an NBN development to a late night net cafe.  Then on to the tenements just outside of the Bay and finally to a grandiose house, home of a disabled, wheelchair-bound woman.  It had intrigue.  I was proud of the story that came out of it.  Most of all I had a blast and so did the players.  Corporation stories are just as interesting as the other side of the fence.

That game was a couple of weeks back

So tomorrow night I am moving the Cypher system to the seedy side of the streets.  A much more familiar tableau for the Cyberpunk inside of me.  I am still falling a little bit behind in my Cypher development.  For that matter, I am finding it difficult to add them into the game fluently too.  But I need to continue to work on these weaknesses.  Get the Cyphers flowing.  It is Monte Cook who actually said that the success of this game lies with the Cyphers.  If I am having this much fun now, imagine what I can achieve if I get that part right!  Keep rolling.


  1. What are some of the cyphers you have brought in and how did you do so? This was one of the harder aspects for me to grasp too and, admittedly, why I haven’t gone back to playing or running Cypher. I know I’m missing out, but none of the other advice I’ve seen has helped. You always have a great way of explaining things and your suggestions usually end up working…even if one includes stealing a nuclear submarine and calling tech support to properly hotwire it.


    1. I am still working on this one. I will get back to you when I crack it. I am working on creating the Cyphers from the Netrunner cards but finding the right place to drop them is a challenge


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