Day 12: What game is your group likely to play next? Why?

This one is a little too easy for me as I run games nearly on a daily basis and I am also always looking to start something new so that I can highlight the RPG industry.  So instead of banging on I am just going to say that the group that will be playing the next new game will be playing Lords of Gossamer and Shadow.


I ran this game a couple (few?) weeks back as a one shot just to introduce it to the community.  The game was so popular I was asked to run a campaign of the game and so that is exactly what is going to be happening from this Sunday.  The group are working on concepts for their characters and the game is advertised for new players also.  Sunday is attribute auction day and then we will finalise the characters for a start on the actual role playing component the following week.

So, that is the technical side of the why out of the way.  The deeper version of the why is of course because the publisher of this was the late Steven D. Russell.  He was a friend and I ran the one shot to show the local community how damn good this game is.  I backed this game from Kickstarter and was so pleasantly surprised that I ended up writing a source book for it!  I have it on my shelf and it is a brilliant system and setting that deserves every ounce of love it gets.  It actually thrilled me that the little two hour one shot with pre-generated characters was received so well that the locals want to make a regular game of it.

Pick me up post about my new supplement
The book I wrote as envisioned by Steve

So, there you have it.  The purely technical reasons for the game that we are playing and also a little more of the in depth reasons.  I never boarded the train when it was the Amber system, and as much as it may upset a few people, after reading the Amber chronicles I do not think I ever would have.  With the different setting though I love the system and hope that some of you at one stage give it a try!

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  1. must say i am really looking forward to this game


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