Day 14: The dream team of gamers that I want to play with?

Really?  Picking favourites?  Well let me say that I am going to say I want to play with everyone that I have ever played with.  The gamers I did not enjoy playing with are few and far between, so much so that I have forgotten their names.


So I am going to treat this question as a “people you would most like to meet” instead.  As it is a dream team let us go with no limitations.

Ada Lovelace

First programmer – would love to give her a game of Shadowrun, or perhaps a FATE game of Android Netrunner.  I am sure the conversation would be brilliant and that her insights to programming enlightening.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Not for why you think.  I would just like to get to know the man.  Every one of the gamers that I discuss Tolkien with tell me that “Tolkien was like this” or “Tolkien was like that”.  I’d just like to know what he was actually like.

Steve Russell

Promised that he would run me a game of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow (It was a Kickstarter reward that my schedule and his just did not work for) but I absolved him of the need.  He still said he was going to and I think that he was probably planning to run the module he was working on with me to test.  I will never know now and I wish that I had pushed myself to get that game to happen.

Kristin Hunt

I had the pleasure of gaming with Kristin in Lords of Gossamer and Shadow and enjoy her characterization and adaptation of interesting individuals.  We almost got a play by post game of Doctor Who going too which I regret not being able to actually pull off.

Fern Kali

The games that Fern Kali describes in her blog (Ballgowns and Battleskirts) are exactly the types of games that I would love to be a player in.  I do not say that often, but it is true in this instance.  Games about humanism and relationships highlighted by strange occurrence rather that games about strange occurrence highlighted by strange occurrences.

Jon Henry, Cameron Corniuk and Lloyd Gyan

The lads that just make me smile when we game – damn this store for taking away our regular contact.

The Reign of Winter Crew

I was setting up the YouTube videos that finished our Reign of Winter game.  I was listening to the video as I did and although it has only been a week or so since running this game I truly miss the group that stuck with it for around three years.

Just play.

I truly hope that there are better questions to come because I really feel this one was the worst to date.  I do not like “picking favourites”. Never have and never will.  It is not why I game.  Keep rolling.


  1. I can see why people are taking this question as ‘playing favorites,’ but that was not its intention. The idea of the dream team (and yours is awesome by the way, and ideally suited for tomorrow’s question) was to look at a mission in gaming for which you need a specific mix of personalities and interests.

    Sorry to hear that the question was a downer for you. Thanks for rolling with it and making an interesting post!


    1. I will always try to answer them, there are just some coming up that are like rehashing this over and again.


  2. I’d love to play in one of your games! And if you ever find yourself in the UK I’m sure we can find space at the table =D


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