Day 15: Your Best Source of Inspiration for RPGs?

This one is pretty easy really.  Apart from just saying “my mind” there is one place which has undoubtedly given my gaming inspiration the boost that steroids give an athlete.  And the simple answer to that is Google Plus.


I am completely sick of the multitudes of people that keep telling me that Google Plus is the most useless site ever.  They tell me facebook this and facebook that but in reality facebook is good for promoting a business or looking at photos of cats but Google Plus is in place for solid discussion and collaboration.  Without this brilliant place in my life I would not have found out as much as I do about RPG’s.  I would be aware of maybe a tenth of what I now know.

I would have still believed that the only people out there that game are the people that I grew up with and that the only games that existed were Pathfinder, DnD, Shadowrun, Paranoia and Earthdawn.

Google Plus

Also, without the beauty of G+ (short for Google Plus) RPG Knights would never have existed.  Sure, more people read it than just those on Google + but had I not received the numbers that G+ exposed me to I would have given up a long time ago.  So, all in all, thanks G+ for the support.  Keep rolling!

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