Day 2 – Best Game Session Since August 2015

Well, I can say there have been a lot of game sessions since August 2015 but to pick a best of is actually a very hard thing to do.


Running a game store that is highly focused on the RPG side of business means that I run a massive amount of games on a weekly basis.  It also means that many of the games that I would say are the best are simply the ones that were most recent because they are the ones that I can remember the best!

I’d like to say that it was the Lords of Gossamer and Shadows one I just ran recently, but that was a little too formulaic for me to state truthfully.  In all honestly there is a game that stands out to me and it was in the Pathfinder Skull and Shackles campaign that I run regularly.  The players had been tip-toeing about a cyclops encampment and found out rather suddenly that cyclopes were quite easy to defeat.  They got overconfident and reckless, the captain of their ship hurtling a cyclops head into an unexplored room only to discover that it was the room that housed the most powerful, most primal cyclops in the encampment.

“Yo! Matey! Just killed your wife. Here is her head. Any complaints?” – Captain Tinny’s famous last words…

What followed would have been a TPK (Total Party Kill) had the halfling bard not quickly realized the writing was on the wall and just started to run.  In combat the other players mocked him but each time it came to his turn I would ask him what he was doing and I would get the same response;


He was the last of the party to survive because of that one word and next session found himself captain of the ship because of it.  Most memorable/best game since last August!

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  1. i would say the “Best Game Session” i have had in the last year was the Lords of Gossamer and Shadows one shot but that might just be because it was so recent and different from the normal style of games i play, thinking back i really enjoyed the payed shadowrun games tho would but all the sessions seem to run together as one event in my mind


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