Day 21: Funniest Misinterpretation of a Rule?

Well, another interesting question.  Call me cynical but “misinterpretations” of rules tend to be players attempting to cheat.  It certainly has been my experience for the past year or so anyway.  The player picks a rule, misinterprets it and I have to spend most of my time checking these breaches rather than playing the game.  I know that some of my more reliable players are looking forward to reading this one on the blog but I just do not see the humor in rule breaches because 95% of them are intentional and that causes me to spend 80% of my time reading rules on the players characters rather than pushing forward the story.  Looking for the funniest is not something I am keen to do…


In fact I might turn this into a “things that annoy me the most” post instead.  For example, most of the players that “breach” these rules are also the players that find the optimal build to a character on the internet and run a carbon copy of that as opposed to actually building an interesting character.  They want to be the one that kills everything, steals everything, proves themselves superior to everyone else.

They are also the ones that seek to meta game and read stats of mysterious creatures they are about to battle online so they do not make mistakes.  The fun in a role playing game comes from error and investigating a character, not having the biggest bonus or being able to kill the most things (though that is fun when you first game as a teenager).

Funniest? No enjoyment is to be had in this post!

These are the behaviors that demean a game to me.  They are also the behaviors that I find the most insulting personally.  I work hard to build a space of interest that people can take alter ego’s into and explore.  Both the space and the characters.  Having that turned into a numbers game really insults those that want to role play.  Those that want to roll play should stick to dungeon delving board games, because that is where that behavior is best suited.  Keep rolling (sorry to be a killjoy folks).

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