Day 24: What game am I most likely to give to others?

Well, this is another simple one – it is a neat little Australian game that I in fact have given to at least four people.  It is also a game that is becoming extraordinarily hard to get a hold of due to the fact that it has been out of print for over 30 years!  So what game is this that holds my attention so?


The game is called Super Squadron and it was largely the game I cut my teeth on as a GM.  I first ran D&D but finding a cheap copy of the red box was nigh impossible at that time so on the front page of the mail order catalogue was an Australian Super Hero game called Super Squadron that I got a boxed set of for $12 at the time.  It came with the core rules, a GM adventure booklet, some dice (maybe – not sure on that score) and a sheet with pre-drawn outlines of heroes so you could draw in the uniforms/costumes that you wanted to.

The game remains one of my favorites to this day and I have run several games of it online in recent years.  As there is not a legal PDF of the game online and I loathe piracy I often end up buying a copy of the game and sending it to players so they can see the rules while they are playing.  To my knowledge there is only one place that you can buy the game legally (no box sets left unfortunately) and that is from Alternate Worlds out of Melbourne – just a note that when trying to get the name Noble Knight games may have copies as they came up in the search too.

Why do I love the game to give it to others?  Well, it has a random character generation that can generate wildly different characters.  The powers are cool, the magic system simple and it just has a pure superhero feel.  The game is based on heroes just getting a start and has some really cool powers in it and a simple system at heart.  I say at heart because some of the material is pretty in depth with formula and the like but not too hard.

My books – my lovely books

I also recently found out that it had a supplement (Super Science) and a book of adventures (The Tome) that I also bought.  Neither of them really captured me like the original though I have not read them completely either.

So there you have it.  I am a supers fan and in all reality there has not been a supers game that I like anywhere near as much as Super Squadron.  I keep playing it and if you want to with me then you may likely get a gifted copy just to stop all of those evil pirates!  Keep rolling!

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