Day 26: What hobbies go well with RPG’s?

Now this is a decent question that I have to temper myself from writing four hundred pages on.  There are so many hobbies that can be included here so I am going to try and limit myself to three.  Let us begin!



Making maps is such a fundamental thing in an RPG.  I used to make maps in the form of flow charts but since I got introduced to people the likes of Matt Jackson, Glyn of Monkeyblood Design and Dyson Logos I have found out that cool looking maps are in reach!  These guys are so very helpful and some even have tutorials online about how to do bits and pieces.  I now have many journals at hand all the time so when the urge hits me I can leap on it!


I make it a hobby of collecting the coolest ever journals.  Really, I love them and many of the ones in my collection are from locals that just have the knack.  This is not one that I have actually partaken in yet – I like the mystery behind the process, but it is one I am very interested in.


Why?  Dice bags.  That is why.  My store has one or two people that now locally make dice bags for me and I think that is totally awesome.  Sewing is a handy hobby it seems.

Mapmaking in a cool journal that has it’s pages sewn together!

Honestly, I actually struggle to think of a hobby that is NOT good with RPG’s.  After all, every skill that could be considered a hobby can nearly be turned to an RPG purpose – so roll on hobbies!

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  1. anything to do with making food 🙂


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