Day 29: If I could play anywhere on Earth…

Well, I kind of answered this one a couple of days ago in the locale one but I went and did a bit of research so that I could give a much more specific answer to the one that I gave.  I was also surprised to find out that if I could game anywhere on Earth that it would be somewhere very close to me geographically speaking.  Just a short hop over Bass Strait and you find yourself in the Australian State of Victoria.  There lies a building so haunted (apparently) that it rates as one of the world’s most paranormal spots.


Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

It was also known as the Mayday Hills lunatic asylum at one stage and had a 128 year history of operation before closing in 1995.  The asylum saw around 9000 deaths in its history, which numbers on average 1 in every 5 days.  This was not an old age home but an asylum so that amount of death is huge.

It has a ghost tour and thousands of reported “disturbances”.  It all means nothing to me in reality but it would be an awesome place to run a horror RPG for a one night event.  In fact it is giving me ideas that maybe I should organise something like this in the future – perhaps even in the old Mayday Hills building – it is after all now managed by the LaTrobe University, and universities love experimental stuff right?  Perhaps run Vincent Baker’s Murderous Ghosts on sale electronically exclusively to the store!

Mayday Hills lunatic asylum a.k.a Beechworth Asylum

There you have it – go searching and you will find local gems.  When I started searching for a “most haunted” place I had no idea that one would be so close.  I expected the answer to this one would have me trapsing through the mountainous regions of Latvia or somewhere similar – but no.  Close to home is good, and even may mean that one day I may achieve it!

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