Day 3: Character Moment I am Proudest Of

This one is pretty easy to answer.  I do not really interact as a player but as it is a character moment then an non-player character fulfills this one quite easily.


His name is Thibault Reynolds and he is an super-rich technologist in Shadowrun attempting to make a splash in the Seattle scene by hiring Shadowrunner’s as an announcement of his arrival.  He swings in on his GMC Banshee and flies the runner’s through the skyline of Seattle as he details his plan in his thick french accent.  The players can not help but like Thibault and his style.  They even play with him and his naive nature, causing him to mess up many of the sayings by the time they leave him.

“Ah oui oui! Thibault is here to make us all reech and fabulous!” – Thibault Reynolds 2075

Thibault was actually born out of my first “random” run generator of fifth edition Shadowrun.  I am not sure where the inspiration came from within me but Thibault was full of color and completely hammed up to the delight of the players.  It is even a few weeks now since they met Thibault and things seemed to have soured with him, but the players do not want this to be the truth – they all liked him so much – only time will tell!

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