Day 4: Impressive thing another’s character did?

Pah!  Give the focus to someone other than myself!  Ludicrous – but because I am following the rules I suppose I will lend some creedence to the fact that there may be others in the RPG world other than me…


In realistic notions however let us share the most memorable things from one of the players in my many many games.  I have already shared the story of the halfling that ran so I can not in all honesty revisit that so I look around all of the games that I run and find that in all probability this one comes down to the shenanigans that goes on in the Era: The Consortium game on Friday nights in store.  With that game it is fully run from my own imaginings and the players directions with what comes and goes from that place.  One of the characters is a Ximian (think giant ant) who is of the soldier caste.

This Ximian, known as K’Kax is a young warrior who is all warrior.  He once had a friend who handled the social issues for him and as K’Kax often gets called a half-with this character had cause to soften things for the young Ximian.  To do so he convinced K’Kax that what “Half-Wit” truly meant was great warrior.  So, in multiple games now K’Kax rises up after knocking over dozens of combatants and calls out to all that will listen;

K’Kax is half-wit!

K’Kax in full swing?


  1. K’Kax is one of the best characters i have had the change to play with, tho another character by the same person was a Minotaur mage in shadowrun of which the name escapes me had what i think was a great scene of an Astral fight with another mage that was mostly 5 rounds of both narrowly missing each other then finally him hitting with his axe (called minos) and ending the fight and the other mages life with one hit


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