Day 5: What story does your group tell about your character?

This one is a little difficult for me to come at.  I rarely ever play, and when I do it is normally as a fill in or for only one session perhaps.  My playing days were over when I was around twenty and as I am now forty(ish) the only tales that get told about my characters are the tales that I seek to spread myself.  So how do I answer this question?  Do I tell you my favourite story about my character or do I tell you the whispers I hear about the characters that I create in games for other groups?


In reality I have no real answer to that conundrum.  Most of the characters I did play were characters in solo games.  Seems other people were aware that I was not great in a group!  I think one of the last characters I played was a physical adept in a Shadowrun game in the mid nineties.  He was a proponent of the raccoon way of life and as such would steal items, just because they were shiny and interesting, keep them until something else took his interest and then replace the next item he stole with the thing he was last fascinated with.

The last game that I played as a player in a group was with another player who got frustrated as I had an item he needed and refused to admit I had it.  He then attempted to do a “snap” inspection and steal it from me.  I beat him to initiative and knocked him out.  He complained long and loud to the GM that he should have surprised me and I should not have known it was coming despite a snap inspection never being called ever and I was the main focus of it.

I think that my individualistic characters may have broken a few characters and so I am sure that if anyone still talks about them it may be in whispered tones and perhaps they are saying;

At least that Mark Knights guy is not playing anymore…

Of course I could also point you at some of the online games I have been a player in (like the C Team) and they are probably still wondering why my character decides to infiltrate enemy bases whilst wearing french maid outfits – you decide which you would prefer to believe!

I seem to have a fixation on the French recently

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