Day 6: Amazing thing a gaming group did for the community?


This is an interesting question and I am going to love to read a lot of the answers that pop up to this one on social media but it is not one that I can offer an amazing story in myself.  Sure I am an owner of a FLGS so I open nearly every day for everyone to play a game or six but that is my business and my livelihood until I go broke anyhow!


There is one civil minded guy in the store by the name of Tom.  Tom loves his Magic and role playing and occasionally will also give me a game of Android Netrunner.  After we opened he quickly became a regular and suggested to me that we should spend some time at the local hospital playing games with the people in there for extended periods.  I whole heatedly loved this idea and approached the hospital and the State Government to make it a reality.  I got promising emails back to say that it sounded like a great idea and despite me responding to every mail the answers, and likelihood of this ever getting off the ground, appears to have ground to a complete halt in the health system.  All we needed was a time and a place but it looks like that will never happen with our wondrous Tasmanian Health System.

It has been a major disappointment for me and I think probably one of the major disappointments for me.  All those amazing people that have been laid low in hospital could have easily been a part of a group of us playing games and helping them heal with a bit of fun but bureaucracy is a thing designed to stifle.

Amazing Tom
Meet Tom

So despite being able to have an awesome, inspiring story all I have is a huge amount of respect for Tom and his idea and a cautionary tale about not trying to do things through official paths with the government.  Sorry to bring you all down!  Keep rolling!

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  1. That is a really good idea! Such a shame about the bureaucracy.


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