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So, here I was, feeling all sorry for myself thinking that no one reads what I write and balancing the fate of the blog when I receive an email.  It is from Wizards of the Coast and they would like me to let you all know that February has been Dungeon Master Appreciation Month.  Now, I vaguely recall something along those lines from a post I read somewhere.  Part of this month has been a video series about a DM support group that is being run. Well, February is coming to a close and the people over at Wizards have put up the third and final video to this series.

I was just going to splurge and say go check it out without watching it myself but I took a wander over to their corner of the web and started with the first video.  In essence it is like a mini web-series built around some nice humour that also points out some of the strengths of the Dungeon Master Guide.  Now, if you recall my review of the DMG you will understand that I like it a lot.  So I think this web series does a good job of representing that.  There were no laugh out loud moments for me during the three 3-4 minute videos but they were funny and I highly recommend that you go over and take a look at the videos.  The link to the page can be found right here.

DM support group
Cover of the DMG

So thanks Wizards of the Coast for providing us some great content that gets me thinking about the game.  I have to admit that after the third video, I really wanted to join their group and talk about some of the stuff that I have used in the past and get some fresh ideas too.  Fresh ideas are good and can help you pick yourself up and get some great gaming happening.

So, take a look.  It doesn’t blatantly say buy the DMG but it does do a good job of illustrating its strengths.  I will blatantly say buy the DMG because it is a great book.  Until next time, keep rolling.

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