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Last night got us back to the in-person game of D&D and mid way through with the players I discussed the need for a decent house rule that changes the long rest option for healing hit points.  Everyone at the table agreed that the existing rules are ludicrous [ed: poetic license may be present based on the writers obvious pre-disposition to being a D&D 5E skeptic] and they damn well need fixing!

Well OK, perhaps I am a little heavy handed BUT the current rules state that after a long rest (around 8 hours I think) each character returns to their maximum hit point value.  Imagine yourself as a warrior in a grand battle with an ancient red dragon.  You fight and give it your all, killing the beast while you drop to 1 hit point of your 150 hit points.  You are covered in your own blood, your left arm has stopped working and three quarters of your body is covered in second degree burns.

long rest Ethan
Just finished a long rest after fighting a beholder ‘cos he is shiny and new again…

“I know, I will just take a nap!”  You lay down and snooze for 8 hours and “hey presto!” No longer wounded.  In fact back to being all shiny and new.

So we did not house rule it in the middle of the game but we flagged our intent to do so and we will discuss it next Tuesday when we play again.  I want your help here and have created the RPG Knights’ first ever survey!  I am going to let the survey run for a week to get a (hopefully) good amount of responses, talk to my players and come up with the house rule that I will share with you roughly this time next week!  Please continue on and complete the survey, there will be a cookie for your browser but that is only there to defeat the evil BOT from skewing my results 😉  If you already have a house rule in place and it is not mirrored here, could you drop the details in the comments!  Keep rolling.

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  1. I was thinking along the lines of characters being able to use all remaining Hit Dice (+ CON bonus) in a long rest.
    Then the HD are magically replenished by the 8 hrs rest.
    If they are out of HD, then they should only get their CON bonus for the rest, and immediately have to expend some, or all of the new HD when they awake.


  2. We treat hp as stamina and luck rather than health, so if you don’t drop to 0, you aren’t injured. If you do, you may suffer a lingering injury, exhaustion or mortal wound, but remain conscious. Resting restores your stamina, so hp are fine


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