D&D Next: Are they getting it right?

I read an article a few seconds ago that made me happy.  Happy about D&D which is something I have not been since 2nd Edition.  I have had some fun with it in that time, but there have been more tough times than fun times.  If you want to read the article you can read it here.  It is essentially a blog talking about the public play test and where they are at with the game.  I signed up for the D&D Next play test and got the bundle.  I really wanted to read it but as I got into the material I got bored and lost and a little bit underwhelmed so it never got a run.

Time to have another look?

Well, this article has restored my faith.  It is a blog from Wizards of the Coast (WotC) talking about what they have learned from the play test.  They admit that they believe D&D has wandered from what it should be and then they list a bunch of things that made me smile.  Perhaps they are actually getting it.  Pathfinder rose on the strengths of what D&D could be and perhaps WotC have realised that they should also do the same.  So, in summary here is what they have learned:

  1. We want to be able to play as quickly as possible and like a simple rule set
  2. We like that all classes can contribute in most scenes but understand that some have a specific focus
  3. We want to be able to build encounters in a simple hassle free way
  4. We prefer rules that are flexible, that allow room to be applied generally rather than specific abilities to specific situations
  5. We want the game to support different styles of play equally.  It is all good as long as the game works.
Now, if you had the thought of buying a game and you read a review that said the above things (that it did do al of these things) you would be inclined to buy it.  I know I would.  So, I have loudly declared to my in person group before that D&D had lost me and that I would not be going back to it.  It has sapped me of patience, enjoyment and money in the past.  Well now I will revert that stance and I will say publicly here that if WotC can deliver on those five points above then the game will be worth it.  I will rejoin the play test and monitor the rules a little more closely from now on.  I will review the game where and when I can in an effort to find out if it does deliver on these points.

Any game that is beholden to those five points I would buy so I am willing to give D&D a go again.  If it will take the crown away from Pathfinder as my in-person game of choice is an entirely different matter and will be decided if I buy the core books and what the play of the game is like when I have the final copy.  Also, if I even get a whiff of the blatant “quest for more money” style that WotC has had with 4th Edition I will not be pleased.  I want quality over quantity WotC.  Give me that and I will sing your praises to the cool calm winds of the inter webs!  Keep rolling!

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