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I’ve been asked by Mark Knights if I would be able to share some of my gaming experiences on his blog, and I have agreed to do so. One day I stumbled upon his blog and started following him on G+. He has become a mentor to me and I always come to him for GM advice. If anybody ever wondered why he wrote several blogs for beginner GM’s . . . yah . . . that’s my fault. He has helped me out a lot and I thank him for that.

So who am I? Well I’m Desiree “Dez”.  I’m a young adult who has been gaming for almost 2 years and GMing for 1. I also run a RPG Club at my local Library for teens. I am fairly new to the hobby; I come into the world with fresh eyes and a new prospective.  I’ve been exposed to many wondrous things and grow excited with each new discovery.

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Our newest writer Has been in the hobby for a couple of years

Even though I am still new at this, I am very eager and enjoy sharing this hobby with others, especially the younger generation. It gives me such joy and fulfilment to introduce the world of RPG’s to these young people. Many of the teens that walk into our club have never even role-played before. I dare say they have never even heard of D&D etc. I intend to share all the knowledge that I possess and pass it on to them.

I am so grateful to have people in my life that can help me learn about this world of awesomeness. Whether it is a new gaming system (not necessarily new, but new to me) or GM tips to help improve my game. This hobby has granted me the opportunity to meet new people and ultimately friends where we will forge long lasting bonds. It has given me a creative outlet where I can shine and put on a show.

Gather around adventurers from near and far, for I have many tales to tell, stories from my journeys that I would like to share with you all. I’ve gone on several quests and travelled to many places. I have met lots of different people along the way and have battled hideous monsters. I hope you will give me a chance and listen, so get comfortable and let’s begin . . .

I am excited to have Desiree on board.  She is new(ish) to the hobby and can see things from a point of view I can’t any more.  It is great to take a look at things from her viewpoint.  Plus I have been asking her to write for a while so I am excited!

— Mark Knights

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