Detritus Rule Set 0.1 Completed!

Well, I have had a busy week with having to get all my reports done for my students (I am a teacher in real life), running three games, blogging here, blogging at the Iron Tavern blog and I have now finished the rules for Detritus the RPG that I am writing! I also have formulated the setting in  note form but need to write it all out so the initial draft for consideration of publishing can be made after some serious play testing.

I have a game that came out of the mid-90’s called Aria.  It was heralded at the time as the new wave of RPG’s and is actually a novel concept in game which looks at generational roleplaying where the player takes on a role of a society, or country or family over an epic time scale.  It was designed to create realistic world and campaign settings in place of loosely cobbled together settings designed with no forethought.  It was aimed at getting the players involved in the creation not only of characters but of the world and help them care deeply about it as they become involved in the “why things are this way” as well.

The denizens of Detritus are odd and varied

It is a game system that was sold to me at the time as dice-less (which it isn’t) but it does seem to offer a way of build a unique tapestry of history for a setting.  I have got the history I want written out and I was talking to one of the “inner circle” of advisors and they asked me about a certain aspect of the game.  I answered them and they told me they thought it was not likely to have happened that way and gave me an alternate possibility.  I liked the idea and then wondered to myself about where my Aria books were and if we could build the setting interactively.  That way I could do it both ways and choose which version seemed better for the final product.

This means that before Detritus the RPG rules are even tested the setting (and through that some of the beings of the world) will be created through the use of another system altogether!  I think that is called irony.  Still, the experiment may fail and I may go back to the original dot points currently in my notebook for the development of the setting.  The call has gone out today to the community that is helping me piece my creation together to help me in this Aria styled experiment and has been answered by a few already.

Tomorrow night should be the first time where I sit (virtually in this case) down at a table and discuss the backstory to Detritus with a player and have the world finally come to life in that player’s mind.  I have talked about it with others obviously to form “the inner circle” BUT it seems it is a different thing as we come to play it.  I am nervous about the game and I hope that it inspires some excellent responses from those that help me with this experiment!

Stay tuned to the blog for more information from Detritus as I continue it’s journey from my mind, to system, to reality!

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  1. Will look forward to the next exciting episode ! Concept of creating the backdrop through role playing a country family etc…. eg( magic is a stronger?weaker?fickle because great uncle monty made a deal with a demon lord and the towns people burnt him at the stake) before actually having created a character intrigues me 🙂


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