Dream : RPG a Day 2019

Running a dream sequence in a game can be a pretty difficult thing to do.  I have done it several times and think that I have fallen short on every occasion.  In some of the games, the dream was an obvious one, in others, I wanted the players in the dream without realising it.


The games that I ran that were firmly set in a dream were too obvious and perhaps a bit too weird.  It is hard to create a game that is a dream and not goes overboard with the weird side of things.  After all, dreams are very weird.  The one that leaps to mind is a game in Shadowrun where I had the players switch characters in a masquerade.  I think it was all layered too much and did not have the mystery that I was trying to achieve.

On the opposite side of the coin were the games where the players were trapped in a dream and did not initially know it.  I want the players to come to that realisation eventually and then try to escape the dream.  But to do this I have to give clues and I have found all of my players have come to the realization very quickly.  I want to draw this out but in most cases, I give it away too soon.  It is something that I will need to work on in future games.  Keep rolling!

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