Drowning in the Skull and Shackles: A Clarification

Well, I am writing a follow up to yesterdays blog as it caused a great deal of concern amongst my players.  I offer this follow up blog as a clarification of what  was truly wanting to get across.

I had no intention on yesterdays blog to be seen as an attack on any one players actions or attitudes.  I hope that the vast majority of you took home the message that if things happen to make a game “not fun” that it is OK to call it for the night.  The game was devolving quickly into a “not fun” situation not because of one or two incidents but because of the group as a whole.  I was dead tired from being on the go all the time in the past few weeks, all of us were tired and that lethargy resulted in a “not fun” situation.

Clarity sometimes requires a crystal ball…

Last night I was told the effect that my blog had on certain individuals and I have spent some time this morning visiting each of them (apart from one who I will visit this afternoon) and talking to them individually.  I value my players time and effort and use my in game examples on my blog to help others to understand what may occur and how it can be handled.  I do not put my games information up so people can say x player is obviously at fault here.  One of my discussions today the player said to me that I am Scribe level 10 and Bard level 0.  What they meant is I am great with writing but the story was off and certainly from his perspective that was true but my blog is about my perspective and I do not have all the picture all the time.

I report things as I see them, and this is my point of view.  I may have been wrong about some of the details but I will state for the record here and now;

  1. I love playing in the group that I do.  They all bring a different energy and attitude to the table that I love and respect
  2. I am a facilitator of the story and I do present it in a calculated way so that when the wins come they are so much sweeter.  This is the character’s stories though and I want to see them be the heroes and work actively to modify the story behind the scenes so compounded misfortune of the dice do not cause the end of much loved characters
  3. What I write on my blog is simply an example of a whole.  I lay no blame on any player apart from myself.  I should have stopped the game earlier when I noticed we were all in a tired state and come back refreshed.  I simply use the example to highlight an issue for others that can learn from where I fell down in my responsibilities.  All I wanted to say was sometimes poor things happen in game and it is OK to stop the game and come back to it after a rest.
  4. At the heart of it, it is a game and a way to relax.  I value providing that avenue for my friends.  The long and the short of it is that anyone is seen as a friend that sits at my table for more than a single session, be that a virtual or physical table.  I care about my players beyond their characters and would not hold any one of them up for ridicule.
I also want to say thank you to all of those who commented on the situation.  I read it and take it on board.  Perhaps it is time for a change of pace so the in-person game is going to take a break in its current format for a couple of weeks.  We will change up days of the week we play, refresh, and all come back happier for the break.  I intend to get to the end of the module (which has a fantastic end for the players after so much hardship) and then we will shift to another campaign with a fresh faced GM for a while.  After all, sometimes a change is as good as a holiday!

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