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The last couple months I have been able to use my dungeon tiles for the teens club. The last game session we had, I added some basic furniture etc. What I have learned from running games for kids is that they have great imaginations, but when it comes to where am I, and where is the enemy standing, they have a bit of trouble picturing that. So kids are very visual and I wanted to enrich that sense. I wanted to use something else other then a dry erase map, so I went onto Youtube and found The DM’s Craft. DM Scotty is the creator of the channel and the inventor of 2.5D tiles.  [Ed. All the photos are from Desiree’s actual game – awesome I think]

Dungeon Tiles
A hearty meal at the Inn?

So those of you who are looking to spruce up your game, I recommend watching his videos. There is a ton of content and he creates a lot of cool stuff for rpg games. Another great channel to watch is The DMG Info. He also makes a lot of awesome crafts that you can use with your tiles. Now I kind of go on the lines with The DMG Info where you make reusable dungeon tiles. I only have so much time, storage, and money, so reusable tiles makes it easier for me.

more dungeon tiles
Those pillars really set the mood

All you need to make these tiles are cardboard, utility knife, glue gun, and paint, plus the basics ruler, pencil etc. They are pretty simple to make, the only hard part in my opinion is measuring, drawing, and cutting all those wall pieces. One square tile is 2 1/2 in x 2 1/2 in, and wall width is 1/4 in (6 1/2 cm x 6 1/2cm, 7mm walls). Then you start making your rooms and corridors for your dungeon/location. Both these guys will give you a step by step process in creating these crafts, give you a list of materials/tools to help you craft, and show you painting techniques.

Even more dungeon tiles
All nice and safely tucked away

I love using these 2.5D dungeon tiles, they are so much better then a dry erase map. It’s visually appealing and you get a picture of your surroundings. You can envision yourself inside the game. It’s way cheaper then 3D Dungeons, and they are a lot easier to maneuver your minis in as well. You can find cardboard anywhere (it’s free) just lying around waiting to be used. The tiles are light weight and don’t take up that much space, they all fit nicely in a crate/box.

When are the dungeon tiles ever going to end?
I love the room reveal!

I think my tiles have come out well and my players love playing with them. They got even more excited when I brought out the basic furniture. Even the other kids from the other tables were coming over and ooing and awwing. I first used some paper to represent things in the dungeon. One of my players said to me “Yes this is definitely way better then using paper”.  Yeah I totally agree. Besides my tiles I have made doors, tables, chairs, torches, and beds. Crafting is very enjoyable and painting is very relaxing. I plan to craft some more things for my games using the guidelines of The DM’s Craft and The DMG Info. I challenge you to become a cardboard warrior like me. Let me know how things go and what you have made and if your players like playing with it.


What - there are more dungeon tiles?
What is behind the door?
Wow that is a lot of Dungeon Tiles
Nice and modular, easy to quickly set up

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  1. I picked up on DMG Info awhile back. I bought a bunch of supplies, but my first experiment didn’t go so well. It looks horrible, but I’ve never been particularly artistic or handy. It must take practice like so many other things. I’m going to take another stab at it here in the very near future.


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