Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Players Handbook Review

Despite having recorded this video over a day or so ago, having forgotten the cables to get it off the video camera was the first mistake.  Then when I had the video there was the discovery that I had decapitated a portion of my head and also got the lighting a little wrong so I had some technical difficulties.  But finally after a little debate of if I was going to re-record the session or just edit it, then editing it and rendering it and getting it up on YouTube it is finally here.  By the way, the intro and outro music is royalty free and created by longzijun.

It is finally here!  My full review of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Players Handbook.  I am offering this up only in video form too as I would likely fill a book the same size as the players handbook with the material that I go over in this so I do apologize for that.  A couple of other apologies as I used some new equipment for this, I am sorry I chopped the top of my head off and will do better in future.  I am also sorry that the chroma key (green screen) is a little flaky and I have worked out the issues for future.  So, now with no further delay, here is the review!

The 5th Edition Players Handbook Review in Full!

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