Engage : RPG a Day 2019

Role-playing games are all about engagement.  I really thrive on that engagement and over the past year that engagement has dwindled for me.  Losing Google Plus was a massive blow to my gaming.  Sure, I still game once a week and also run an online Pathfinder game but I just don’t feel as engaged as I once was.


I have always tried hard to engage with people that play the games we all love.  In fact, that is what this site is all about.  The internet has become a place where we can all reach out.  The number of RPG developers I have had conversations with is insane.  It has all slowed down because of the loss of some places but the truth is that to engage, all we have to do is reach out.  By writing this blog I have had people reach out to me with their own creations, and I also have reached out to create.

This space that we live in is a crazy one.  When I started my career as a gamer I never thought that I would be talking to the people that make the games – or to become a creator myself.  But everything is connected and at arms reach these days.  If you want to engage, you can.  In fact, it is super hard not to!  If you have not started to get involved, I really encourage you to.  Comment on a blog.  Go to game designers social media pages.  Start talking – you never know where it will get you.  Keep rolling!

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