Ethan’s New Game Moves

I have been thinking about my son Ethan and his role-playing over the past few weeks.  I have been really busy between work and school over the past month or so and he has been asking if we can play RuneQuest every weekend and I have not been able to oblige.  RuneQuest is a great game too but it looks as though my order that I put in over six months ago is not going to get fulfilled so I will not have the book itself in hand and instead have to deal with the PDF which is not optimal.  So I made the decision that for his fantasy games it may be time to move him on to another system for a new game.

Ethan played in the Dungeon Crawl Classics birthday bash that I had but I have other ideas of what to do with Dungeon Crawl Classics and they are not having a quiet game on weekends with my kids.  So there are a few other systems that I could use.  In the end though it looks like that it will be Pathfinder.  I have got a huge hole in my life where all my Pathfinder games used to neatly sit but since the in-person group went to D&D my online group has also faltered a few times and I find myself getting only about a game a month.  That plus the fact that I moved all my physical books back home means that it is a good choice for the system.

Not to mention all the Adventure Paths that I have gathering dust on the shelf!  As well as modules that I have been accumulating from the subscription I had.  So I am thinking that maybe I run the Mummy’s Mask, or perhaps the Dragon’s Demand and then Tears from a Bitter Manner.  There are a number of options that will offer me my Pathfinder fix and keep my son and daughter busy for many weekends to come.

I told my son of this change a couple of days ago and he disappeared.  I thought that I may have upset him because he was really enjoying the RuneQuest.  But no, he reemerged five minutes later with a Pathfinder character sheet in hand.  I had forgotten but his sister was going to run a Pathfinder game a couple of years before and we had all made characters up but it never eventuated!  He had kept a hold of it, and even more surprisingly, knew where it was and he is excited to finally get a run at Pathfinder, which I am sure he feels is the “grown-up” game.

I am going to surprise him today because I took his character (a gnome illusionist named Manny Nanny) and fed him into Hero Lab so he can have a fresh character sheet complete with all of the spells listed out and the like.  I also know that he will be super excited that Manny, who has been waiting (probably in a toy box) has finally got his chance to get dusted off and have a game!  I present Manny below so you can all ooh and ahh in wonder at my son’s first Pathfinder character.  Keep rolling!

character sheet
Introducing Manny Nanny, the Gnome Illusionist


new game
Back of Manny’s character sheet
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