Evolve : RPG a Day 2019

This prompt always seems to come up in these RPG a Day things and really it is a boring question for me.  Yes – I evolve as a gamer.  I like playing new games and pushing myself.  But don’t most of us?  Of course, there is the set that like to just stick with the safe old popular games – but even they have changed over time.


I really do not know where to start with this prompt.  I don’t really have anything interesting to say about evolving in games.  I have gone from someone who likes a crunchy game to now playing games which try to reduce crunch.  But I do like systems that enhance a game – crunchy or not.  So it is not a simple thing to talk about.  Evolving is not a straight forward thing and when it comes to RPG’s it is certainly not clear cut.  There is a prevalence of games on the market that are throwbacks to times prior because modern RPG’s have wandered far from their roots.  It has all come full circle – but that is not all that surprising.  Keep rolling.

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