Examine : RPG a Day 2019

I think this post is likely to compliment my previous one in this series.  When I read the word examine there is only one thing that I can think of that it applies to for me.  That is of course to examine your own performance in a game.


From my perspective, I always want to be examining a game from several perspectives.  After all, I pretty much exclusively run games.  So I need to keep asking the questions of the game;

  1. Is it fun?
  2. Do the players have the freedom to do what they want?
  3. Am I still being surprised by the game?
  4. Is there anything that needs adjusting?

These questions are important ones to me.  I do not ask them during the game but I always consider them when I am in between games.  If I have preparation to do these questions help me guide that preparation.  This principle, of course, can be used by players.  Examine how well you are playing the character.  Are you still having fun and does the character serve the role you wanted to play?  This will help you enjoy the game just as much as the questions above help me run a game.  Keep rolling!

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