Familiar : RPG a Day 2019

Well, today I am going to show my ignorance!  Familiar will probably bring out a lot of people telling you about games that they relate to but not me.  I have one question to ask of all of you with today’s post.  So get ready…


What the hell is going on with a familiar?  Where did this idea go and what self-respecting spell caster shares their power with some tiny, weak, useless animal?  Especially in super early versions of games like Dungeons and Dragons where the death of your toad means you have to make a saving throw or drop dead?  OK, I will grant you that I used to watch and love the British show Catweasel and loved his toad Touchwood – but what did Touchwood give back?  I can say that I enjoyed playing a summoner in a Pathfinder game once, but that was about familiars on serious steroids!

So please explain to me the idea of familiars?  I really do not understand where the concept originated from, nor why they are so popular!  Keep rolling…

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  1. European witchcraft! It was one of the ways the witchfinders decided if someone was a witch or not, if they had a pet, or maybe someone shot a hare in the leg and the suspect was seen limping – clearly her familiar that was injured


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